Wizard's Quest

The “Dark forces” have once again returned to spread their evil power accross the Wizarding world and take control of “BroadMoats” The last Wizard’s University. You and your merry band of trainee wizards must assist the University’s Headmaster Professor Grummblemore in stopping these Dark forces once and for all.

“Wizard’s Quest”

The Dark Forces are gathering once more and the Headmaster of “BroadMoats” (the only remaining Wizard’s University) Professor Grumblemore has gone into battle to save Wizard kind and the human world.

In his hurry to get to the battlefield, however, he has left behind a vital, ancient spell – the only way to repel the Dark Forces forever and to save both worlds.

Your quest is simple: make your way to the Professor’s study inside “BroadMoats” University of Wizardry, find the spell and cast it.

But you have only sixty minutes…and the clock is ticking!

A great all round game, especially suited to less experienced players.


Click the video to watch the trailer for Mr E Rooms’ fantastic wizard adventure “Wizard’s Quest”