"Battle for BroadMoats" - A new Wizard's Quest

A new threat has appeared to take control of BroadMoats Wizard University from Headmaster – Professor Grumblemore.  You students must harness the magical powers of the five elements to return Grumblemore’s power over BroadMoats University and once again save Wizard kind from a long forgotten evil… 


“Battle for Broadmoats – A new Wizard’s Quest”

The Dark Forces are defeated…

However, Professor Grumblemore, the Headmaster of BroadMoats Wizard Unibversity has been weakened from the battle.

With the Professor’s powers weakened, a long forgotten evil has appeared to take control of BroadMoats University and the Wizard world.

Your quest is simple: Harness the magic of the five elements and restore Grumblemore’s power over the last Wizard University and save all Wizard kind.

But you have only sixty minutes…and the clock is ticking!

A great all round game, especially designed for all experience levels.


Click the video to watch the trailer for Mr E Rooms’ fantastic second wizard adventure “Battle for BroadMoats – A new Wizard’s Quest”