The Mission
An explosive device is located somewhere inside an abandoned nuclear plant. Placed there by a rogue Russian General, a member of the infamous criminal organisation known as SPHYNKTA.
MI6 refuses to send more agents to Russia after the loss of agent seven.
However, when the future of the world is in grave peril you and your team of elite secret agents decide to go against orders and try to disarm the bomb that is threatening the world.
You will start your mission undercover in deepest Russia, the only way to save the world is to defuse the bomb before it explodes in just sixty minutes. There can be no mistakes…there will be no second chances…

star rating  Fab and good fun. We'll worth the hour clue solving. A must visit if your in town. A must place to visit if your in town.

9 February 2020

star rating  Great Team work and a chance for a bit of Escapism! - As a group we rarely all get together and so it was important we did something as a team. This was such fun! From beginning to end the ‘escapism’... read more

Jane kemp b
25 March 2023

star rating  We went here with 4 adults, when we first arrived the host explained what would happen and what to do, he was very friendly and made us feel very welcome... read more

Tom F
22 June 2019