The Pirate Ship Mistry

Join the crew of the Pirate Ship “Mistry” and unravel the secret of Captain Hockwomble’s disapearance, evade the infamous East India Trading Company, release the Krakken and sail away with the treasure…

Timbers will be shivered in this thrilling new escape room game for 4 or more players.

The Treasure of Captain Hockwomble

Captain Hockwomble has led his merry crew for years upon the seven seas and faced many a foe with a steady hand and a steely glare.

But when the crew last went ashore the Captain did not return to the good ship Mistry…

If the Captain is truly gone, then so is the secret of his hidden Pirate treasure.

Will you and your shipmates be cunning enough to solve your way to the secrets of the Captain’s Treasure and beyond?

An amazing new adventure for 4 or more players.