Agent Seven has gone missing behind enemy lines trying to stop a rogue Russian General from detonating a nuclear weapon somewhere in Russia.

You are “Alpha Team” Agent seven’s backup unit.

You have just sixty minutes to disarm the weapon and save the World.

“The Mission”

Rogue Russian General Borlakov, a senior member of the infamous criminal organisation known as SPHYNKTA has deployed an explosive device somewhere inside an abandoned Russian nuclear facility.

M.I.6 has ordered that no agents are to enter Russia after the failure of Agent Seven to complete the mission.

However, as you are already inside Russia, disregard these orders and make a plan to disarm the bomb and save the world yourselves.

The only way to save the world is to locate and defuse the bomb before it explodes in just sixty minutes time.

The fate of the World is in your hands.

Make no mistakes…There will be no second chances…

Communication ends.


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