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Immerse you and your team of elite detectives in a TV crime drama.

The clock is ticking to solve the case, you only have 60 minutes – will you have a clue?

A NEW Escape room experience from Mr E Rooms Escape Room Scarborough

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About us

Mr E Rooms Escape Rooms Scarborough brings you six amazing escape rooms to perplex and delight you. We challenge you to solve our fiendish puzzles in beautifully themed rooms – but you have just 60 minutes!

Perfect for friends and family, work gatherings, special events or just great fun.

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  • star rating  Spent an hour Sunday morning in the Sherlock Holmes Escape Room. It was like we were in there for 10 minutes, the time just flew. A great host with just... read more

    7 September 2020

    star rating  We booked the Secret Agent room last minute as something to do on our holiday and it was brilliant! Right from the beginning it felt very personal and welcoming -... read more

    Bradd F
    28 July 2019

    star rating  We were one the first groups to try the new “crime of duty” escape room. Absolute brilliant time, so authentic, we all felt like proper detectives running around in... read more

    colin a
    16 May 2023

    star rating  Great Team work and a chance for a bit of Escapism! - As a group we rarely all get together and so it was important we did something as a team. This was such fun! From beginning to end the ‘escapism’... read more

    Jane kemp b
    25 March 2023

    star rating  I booked this escape room whilst on holiday with my family. We are all big Harry Potter fans so decided on Wizards Quest. The room was very clever and loved... read more

    avatar thumb Mel-Sugden
    29 April 2019

    star rating  We are experienced escape room campaigners and we thought we’d try this one just off the High Street. Very well set up for COVID with face masks etc and we... read more

    6 August 2020

    star rating  Brilliant fun. Masterfully thought out games. Great for bringing a group of friends together. Was a talking point for the rest of the weekend. Highly recommended!

    avatar thumb drdavina
    28 March 2019

    star rating  Had a very last minute game of Psychic. Probably my favourite escape room I've done, very interactive and a massive twist at the ends neither myself or my partner were... read more

    15 June 2022
  • star rating  I booked this escape room whilst on holiday with my family. We are all big Harry Potter fans so decided on Wizards Quest. The room was very clever and loved... read more

    avatar thumb Odd-socks92
    29 April 2019

    star rating  What an awesome experience! Visited the Terminating Here escape room. Easy to book online, did it on the same day. Current discount for keyworkers. Bonus! Host was fantastic, set up... read more

    14 August 2020

    star rating  My friends and I come to Scarborough every year and this year it was lovely to do something different. Some took the option to become wizards, others chose to... read more

    avatar thumb Jeni W
    5 May 2019

    star rating  Fantastic - Fantastic we visited as a family of 10 (16-02-23)
    We had a amazing time doing the pirates ship.
    A very warm welcome awaited us.
    The room was very well thought... read more

    16 February 2023

    star rating  From the moment we walked in you could tell this was going to be good. Myself and 4 friends tackled terminating here. The chat before hand to set... read more

    E E
    24 February 2020

    star rating  Great place to visit whilst in scarborough, if you love escape rooms you will love the selection of rooms here and for a good price. Very friendly staff and good... read more

    18 August 2020

    star rating  We visited as a family of 6 with two children aged 7&8 and we all thoroughly enjoyed it, we escaped the wizards room by solving the spell riddle, it was... read more

    avatar thumb Paradise803444
    25 April 2019

    star rating  From the moment we entered Mr E Escape Rooms, we (a group of six) were welcomed and made to feel part of the experience. The whole setup was perfect and... read more

    14 August 2022
  • star rating  Absolutely amazing, really good fun trying to figure out all the clues, managed to do it in the last second!

    26 August 2019

    star rating  Loved the Escape Room - a great family experience. We had to work together to solve the clues whilst all the while the clock was ticking! They very kindly... read more

    avatar thumb MrsR76
    24 April 2019

    star rating  My 3 teenagers said that it was the best escape room they had been to so far (they have visited 2 others)
    They said the man in charge was helpful... read more

    25 July 2022

    star rating  We went today and did the Christmas room, it was amazing throughly enjoyed it, and we escaped , again great atmosphere as soon as you walk in, great host, lots... read more

    19 November 2022

    star rating  I have done a few escape rooms but this was my favourite so far (wizard room) . The host was very friendly and helpful, and explained that there had been... read more

    10 August 2020

    star rating  Booked to do Terminate Here. Our first room after lockdown and wanted to return to Mr E's after doing the Sherlock Holmes room last year. A really good set up... read more

    23 May 2021

    star rating  My family and I have visited a few times and have always had great fun. I would definitely recommend Mr E Rooms to anyone who enjoys puzzles and laughing! Gre

    avatar thumb Annette S
    6 January 2021

    star rating  Spent a great hour with family and friends (5 total). Had a really good time in the Wizard room - so many locks, clues and puzzles !

    avatar thumb Alanbgp
    5 January 2019
  • star rating  We visited the escape rooms last weekend for my husbands 40th birthday, we were a mixed group of adults and children and it was the perfect family attraction for our... read more

    10 January 2020

    star rating  Absolutely amazing time at Mr E Rooms, as always. The hosts are really friendly, the rooms have real character and a story behind them.

    Thus time we did... read more

    22 May 2022

    star rating  Me and my partner visited mr e escape rooms and it was absolutely amazing!!! And the man running it was really friendly and nice and even stayed open later for... read more

    4 July 2019

    star rating  First time doing this , we did escape but not without getting one or two clues . But really had a great time . From the time you walking to... read more

    18 September 2020

    star rating  Such a lot of fun. We visited during half term on a rainy day and we had a fantastic time. We are a family of 4 with an 8 and... read more

    29 October 2020

    star rating  We did The Wizard's Quest whilst on holiday. It was a well organised and fun experience. The host was informative and engaging. Hand sanitizer was provided and masks worn so... read more

    10 August 2020

    star rating  What a great experience we've just had. We had 16 people of all ages/abilities split between the wizard & war room. I was in the wizard room and, even though... read more

    10 April 2022

    star rating  A brilliant time was had assisiting Sherlock Homes. There was so much to do it was a challenge and was thoroughly entertaining. The atmosphere was built from the moment we... read more

    28 December 2022
  • star rating  Absolutely fabulous. We have done an escape room before at another venue but this one was far better. We did the Pirate ship Mistry and it was amazing. There will... read more

    6 August 2022

    star rating  Great way to spend an hour. Had a brilliant time . Definitely recommend trying any of the 5 rooms there. This was our first visit but definitely won’t be the last.

    Julie A
    15 November 2019

    star rating  This is the fourth time we’ve been to the Escape room (obviously a different room each time) and none have disappointed. First class. If you haven’t been, make sure you... read more

    avatar thumb V1454IJstevep
    7 May 2019

    star rating  Neil was a friendly and helpful host with our Madame Gazunda escape room today.

    The room was set up properly and we had a few guiding nudges... read more

    25 October 2020

    star rating  Just completed the Pirate Ship Mystery and what a fab time we all had. 2 of us had never done an escape room before and the other 2 said it... read more

    3 July 2022

    star rating  We have done 2 now, the second in the week running up to Christmas and it has made our Christmas! They have both been amazing, we love it, our little... read more

    22 December 2022

    star rating  Brilliant! Stupid fun for all!! - We escaped! Haha we did the Wizards room, it was very engaging and alot of fun, would definitely recommend!

    Friendly staff and very organised!


    11 March 2023

    star rating  We booked the Wizard’s Quest as part of our holiday itinerary. We had high expectations to begin with but the experience far surpassed this! The build up was exciting on... read more

    helen s
    2 November 2019
  • star rating  Went with my 13 year old daughter and did the terminating here room, was great and we both fully enjoyed it, can't wait to visit the other games

    jake s
    24 November 2019

    star rating  Really enjoyed this! We went with a group of 8, aged 11-50 and we all really enjoyed it. Great clues and suited everyone’s skill sets. We didn’t break the code... read more

    12 February 2020

    star rating  I came with my sisters and Mum today where we did the Psychic room. I have done a few escape rooms now, but my first time visiting Mr E Rooms... read more

    21 December 2022

    star rating  Great venue. Well organised.. covid safe...We are a family of 6.. 4kids from 9-17 yrs... All had a great time... we saved the world from certain extinction with 53 secs... read more

    brian d
    29 October 2020

    star rating  A fantastic, well thought out escape room. We visited as a couple in February 2023 and completed the Sherlock Holmes room. The puzzles were well thought out and the magic... read more

    avatar thumb Swiseybaby
    3 February 2023

    star rating  Fantastic experience doing the War Room. Loved it. Great host, great value for money and just thoroughly enjoyed every second. It was my birthday treat but I won't be waiting... read more

    27 May 2022

    star rating  The hour goes very quickly! We really enjoyed it and look forward to coming back to tackle another room in the future. It was well run and Neil was a... read more

    avatar thumb Terri F
    25 February 2019

    star rating  Have done a few Escape Rooms in the past and took a chance with an independent one on a weekend in Scarborough.
    By the time we left we did 3... read more

    30 October 2022
  • star rating  Fab visit with friends,didn't manage to escape but will definitely go again.Can highly recommend. Can't wait for the next visit.

    Karen S
    23 November 2019

    star rating  A group of four of us played the Terminating Here room and had a brilliant time. The room is really well set up and the puzzles are challenging so that... read more

    James C
    24 November 2019

    star rating  I did the Sherlock Holmes puzzle (with my 3 daughters aged 13, 16 and 17). Really enjoyed it, just managed to escape with a couple of minutes to spare. Will... read more

    23 July 2020

    star rating  So great to visit mr e again, first time since lockdown. All new games- we were spoiled for choice! Today we opted for “Psychic “. Great game and puzzles- unusual... read more

    2 June 2022

    star rating  Just had a great night at escape room with hubby and my son and daughter in-law and grandkids highly recommend

    3 November 2019

    star rating  Mr E rooms are accommodating and friendly, the rooms are engaging, challenging and fun for all. We took our autistic teens with us and they got involved and loved it.... read more

    7 February 2020

    star rating  Me and my wife did the ‘Terminating Here’ room in May 2021 after they’d opened up again post-lockdown. We’ve done lots of escape rooms before and this was up there... read more

    21 May 2021

    star rating  Really enjoyed the wizard room, we tacked it as a family and had great fun, Really well thought out taking into account covid rules, definitely recommend to anyone that wants... read more

    26 July 2020
  • star rating  Thought provoking with the right amount of guidance at the right time. Great fun for all ages. So good we went again the following day !!!

    17 August 2022

    star rating  Came here today with our 3 daughters aged 7,14 and 13. We all loved this so much we will definitely be back! Absolutly brilliant! We did the wizard then themed room 😊

    avatar thumb Jenna S
    3 March 2019

    star rating  We visited this place twice over a weekend and did 2 of the escape rooms, both rooms were completely different and we had such an incredible experience. From the layout... read more

    8 July 2019

    star rating  Lost the Vampires Curse but won Wizards Quest! Both great fun and fabulous friendly staff. We’ll be back to do the others.

    avatar thumb F6004REjuliee
    4 February 2019

    star rating  First time in an escape room for me and my friend. Have to say we were not disappointed. Loved every minute. We wanted to get straight back in there and... read more

    2 August 2020

    star rating  We participated in the Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Magician and it was absolutely outstanding! We have been on another Mr E Room before a few years... read more

    15 August 2022

    star rating  Amazing experience in the Dracula-themed room. Brilliantly thought out plot and some puzzling challenges. Would definitely come again.

    avatar thumb Matthew K
    9 March 2019

    star rating  Being electrocuted and winning with ink 19 secs left the family not resorting to violence when they disagreed about clue answers

    Irene J
    28 December 2022
  • star rating  Visited today with my daughter for The Wizard's Quest. We've previously done an escape room in Hull so after discovering this one, we decided to see if they had... read more

    26 August 2020

    star rating  We had a blast, best room/s ever - how to loose an hour in an intense atmosphere - really well laid out - highly recommended !

    avatar thumb Alanbgp
    27 May 2019

    star rating  A great experience for my wife’s birthday. The hour passed so quickly and the five of us had a great time. Will be back in the future to try the... read more

    16 November 2019

    star rating  My 10 year old daughter and I completed the Battle for Broadmoats wizard quest this morning and it was loads of fun. Plenty of cryptic clues and puzzles to keep... read more

    26 July 2022

    star rating  Came with group from work and what a way to start a evening, the rooms are fantastic and so well though out some easy bits and then harder bits so... read more

    10 December 2022

    star rating  This was a last minute plan due to rainy weather and it did not disappoint. My partner and I tackled "Terminating Here" but sadly didn't escape - we were complimented... read more

    4 August 2020

    star rating  Very welcoming. Great adaptations for the special measures needed at this time. A fun thing to do in your ‘bubble’. I’d love to go every week!

    1 August 2020

    star rating  A fantastic escape room! We were a group of 5 friends, doing the Psychic room - it was a great story, introduced brilliantly by our host. Our group loved the... read more

    13 April 2022
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