Scarborough's first Escape Room! OPEN NOW!

Mr E Rooms is delighted to welcome young and old to his 3 Escape Rooms (with 1 more on the way!)


Wizard’s Quest

He challenges you to immerse yourself in the magical world of the Wizard’s School, where, starting in the Spells and Potions Room, you must solve cunning puzzles and fiendish riddles to gain access to the Professor’s Study where you are challenged to find the only spell which can save the world from the impending threat of Dark Forces. Click Wizard’s Quest Gallery for images or book now below.

The Mission

Alternatively, you may see yourself as a Secret Agent, charged with saving the world from certain doom by disarming a nuclear bomb which is poised to launch. You start by receiving your mission, which will require clear thought, creative thinking and bravery, before eventually going under cover in the Cold War Soviet Union in your bid to save the world! For teaser images click The Mission Gallery or to book or check availability click the button below.

Coming Soon – A Brand New Room – “Terminating Here”

Watch the video for a taster!

  • 5 star review  This was our first escape room and we completed the Russian spy mission, thoroughly enjoyed it... Makes you think in a way that you don't know you are capable of - would absolutely recommend to everyone! Can't wait to do the other missions! Massive thank you to the host who made it such a great experience from the minute we stepped through the door. We are now totally addicted to escape rooms

    thumb Claire Stephenson

    5 star review  Absolutely brilliant experience! First time in an escape room and it was so well thought out and really well delivered! I certainly couldn't have come up with something this detailed. Great time had by all, would definitely recommend (even with the teasing about my mannequin phobia!)

    thumb Emma Hartley

    5 star review  Great place, great fun. Ideal for family groups, friends and corporate team building events. My work team and I went along and managed to save the world (just!); the puzzles get you thinking and provide lots of laughs too. We had a great time, and are really looking forward to the new rooms opening so we can go again!

    thumb Alison Brock

    5 star review  Would definitely recommend! It was such a laugh! Unfortunately we didn't save the world and I'd go as far as saying we weren't even close! However, I can confidently say if we hadn't have had to carry Joe the whole way through we would have! If he doesn't shape up on the next one then this trio is becoming a due! Can't wait for the next one!!

    thumb Kathy Mattinson

    5 star review  Me and the family went for a bit of a different experience and it did not disappoint. Youngest child was 5 and he was really involved and enjoyed it. Would certainly recommend and we will be back to do the other room next time we are in Scarborough.... Great experience. Thank you

    thumb Andy Phelan

    5 star review  We came to Scarborough for my Birthday weekend and the escape room was what I wanted to do. there were nine of us in total. I opted for the Wizard Quest. An entertaining hour ensued with lots of laughs and some under the breath cursing lol. We had two rooms to sort out and the hosts gave just the right amount of help without giving to much away. We made it with 32 seconds to spare. Highly recommend the escape room Scarborough give it a go you won't be disappointed.

    thumb Michael Lawrence
  • 5 star review  This was out first time in an escape room and we had a great time in The Wizardry room as a group of 4. Very well thought out challenges that keep you engaged throughout the 60 minutes. Really liked the addition of having a tablet which can be used for the host to give some hints and us to request clues. Also liked that it was over 2 rooms and we weren't just in 1 room for the hour. Would deffinitley recommend visiting. Thanks

    thumb Steve Bedder

    5 star review  We had great fun (it didn't come to blows, and we are still all good friends thankfully) and managed to complete the wizard room with seconds to spare... And a teeny bit of help with the last puzzle! Great idea for something a little bit different to do and to get out of the cold and rain. Great way for our group to help celebrate a 70th Birthday weekend. Fully recommend.

    thumb Sharon Barnard

    5 star review  We enjoyed every minute of this, it was well thought out and lots of detail has gone into this! We got help when we needed it promptly, and it really made us think! Well worth the money. Brilliant time, would definitely recommend and will be back next year. Thanks!

    thumb Meg Heath

    5 star review  Me and my friends did the Wizards study escape room this evening and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, 60 to be exact! Really well thought out and planned rooms which were challenging and fun at the same time! Would definitely come again and do the other room and hopefully the new rooms being prepared! When we finished we chatted about it alot and one of my friends suggested how funny it would be if you could buy a recording dvd of your time in the rooms as a keepsake! Just an idea!

    thumb Ellen Johnson-Blake

    5 star review  Visited here on our works night it. Fantastic fun with some competition thrown in. A great laugh and the guys are brilliant 🙂 thankyou for a great time!

    thumb Caz Jones

    5 star review  Just visited for a work night out and had such a fab time. First time doing escape room and won’t be the last!

    thumb Sammy Cook
  • 5 star review  Just been here with work! Literally had the funniest time ever! This place is brilliant. So well thought out, with fab props. The guys were fantastic hosts! Can’t wait to come back and do the other room!

    thumb Danielle Rowley

    5 star review  This was our first time doing an escape room - me and my husband and our kids aged 12 and 16. The rooms kept us very engaged for the whole hour - it was challenging but the host gave us just the right level of assistance and clues when we needed it. The puzzles were very clever and well thought out. We had the use of 3 different rooms doing the spy adventure which was a nice surprise as we had assumed we would just be in one room. All the rooms were full of brilliant props and really had a feel of the places they were representing, It was brilliant to find an activity that genuinely engages all the family. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to share a great experience with others.

    thumb Hazel Hitchcock

    5 star review  Fantastic time with you today - first time we have done one of these and had a ball x

    thumb Salli Pilcher

    5 star review  We had great fun today! Definitely coming again, thank you �

    thumb Claire Cook

    5 star review  Fab experience. Challenging and creative. Will be returning to do the other room soon with more of us

    thumb Rebecca Robinson

    5 star review  Just completed The Misson room, saving the world from Russia. Great fun for all the family. Great rooms and clues. Can't wait to do the next room!

    thumb Susie Freeman


What is Escape Room Scarborough?

Escape Room Scarborough is a live escape-room experience. Participants are “locked” in a room, and have only sixty minutes to solve a series of clues, puzzles and riddles to enable them to successfully complete their mission and ‘escape’ the room – and so win the game.

What makes Escape Room Scarborough so special?

We are the only escape room experience on this part of the beautiful North Yorkshire Coast – Scarborough is one of the most visited locations in the whole of the UK. We have invested a huge amount of time and energy to make sure that the rooms provide a stunning and unforgettable hour in your life – so that (succeed or not) you will have a simply brilliant time.

We are located in a beautiful listed building in the very heart of the town, within easy walking distance of restaurants, bars and other amenities. In fact we are next door to the Courtyard, a lovely bar, and two doors away from a Brewers’ Fayre restaurant and pub.

We have sought authentic props and furniture to make your experience memorable – we like to think of ourselves as the ‘world’s smallest theme park’! Every experience is accompanied by themed music specially composed for us by an award-winning composer who has worked in theatre and film for over thirty years.

When you first enter our building you will be invited to take a seat in Mr E Rooms’ drawing room, which will instantly evoke memories of times gone by. And then, when the time comes, you will be escorted to begin your mission…

Where Can We Park?

There are a number of multi-story car parks within easy walking distance. The NCP multi-story car park on North Street, the Brunswick Centre car park on York Place and the Palm Court car park on Falconer’s Road are all less than 10 minutes away. There is also some (limited) on-street car parking nearby.

What are the prices?

Prices are based on an initial room hire of £50, which enables two people to take part. Each additional person is then charged at just £10 per person. This means that the more people there are in your group, the cheaper per person it is! For a team of six people it is just £15 a head.

How ‘Scary’ are the rooms?

We do not consider the rooms to be scary. In ‘The Wizard’s Quest’ you will spend time in a room which is dark (but not so dark you cannot see), and in “The Mission” you will spend time in a room based on a nuclear weapons facility. There are flashing lights (so if you think you may be affected by these please let us know so we can disable them for your game) and occasional sound effects. If you have any concerns (eg if you are bringing children) please ring us first so we can set your mind at rest.

Do I need to be ‘clever’?

The puzzles and riddles in the rooms are designed to be challenging and thought-provoking. However, you do not need any specific skills or knowledge to be successful – communication, team working and creative thinking are more important than being ‘clever’. And if you get stuck, your gamesmaster will be able to provide a clue to get you back on track

Can people with disabilities play?

We will do everything we can to accommodate people with disabilities. Please contact us in advance to discuss any individual needs you or your team members may have. However, please note that we are in a listed building (built in the 1700s) and therefore there is very limited wheelchair accessibility. Access to all games involves climbing at least one set of stairs, which unfortunately may limit their availability to some people with mobility-restricting disabilities.

Are we really locked in?

No – you are never physically locked in a room. You may leave at any time (eg for a comfort break) but the game clock will continue during your absence.

How many can play?

Both “The Wizard’s Quest” and “The Mission” are suitable for a maximum of eight people.

Are there any Age Restrictions?

We recommend that groups of under 16s should have at least one adult in their team. This is to ensure that there is someone there to help with certain puzzles and to prevent them from getting stuck too often. However, we are constantly amazed at how it is often the youngest member of the team who will suddenly find the all-important clue. Again, if you need any guidance on age-suitability, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Whichever experience you choose, you and your friends will have a maximum of sixty minutes to complete your task.
With two more rooms planned for early 2018, there is no shortage of excitement and challenge at Mr E Rooms’ Emporium of Curios, Clues and Conundra.

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