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Sherlock Holmes and the Doomsday Machine
Our latest amazing adventure sees you tackle the fiendish Professor Moriarty and his devilish plot to assassinate the Head of State. The life of the monarch and the reputation of the world’s most eminent consulting detective are at stake. You find yourselves at Sherlock’s famous flat at 221B Baker Street – but it is apparent that Moriarty has been there before you. He has installed and primed his terrifyingly devious Doomsday Machine – and you have just sixty minutes to disarm it!
Succeed, and you will be national heroes.
Fail…and the consequences don’t bear thinking about.
Dare you take on the challenge of “Sherlock Holmes and the Doomsday Machine”?

Wizard’s Quest
The Dark Forces are gathering, and the venerable Professor Grumblemore is battling to save humanity. In his hurry to get to the battlefield, however, he has left behind a vital, ancient spell – the only way to repel the Dark Forces forever and to save the world. Your quest is simple: make your way to the Professor’s study in the University of Wizardry, find the spell and recite it. But you have only sixty minutes…and the clock is ticking!

The Mission
When the future of the world is in grave peril, MI6 needs a team of elite secret agents to travel to Russia to defuse a bomb that has been placed inside an abandoned nuclear plant. Starting your mission in MI6 Headquarters in London, you then travel undercover to deepest Russia, where you know that the only way to save the world is to defuse the bomb before it explodes in just sixty minutes time. There can be no mistakes…there will be no second chances…

“Terminating Here”
A serial killer is stalking the London Underground, taunting the police as he picks off his unfortunate victims. He has already picked his next victim, who will die in just one hour unless your team of crack detectives can unravel his clues and save her life. You have just sixty minutes to find the killer’s lair and carry out the ultimate rescue. Are you up to it?

Can you save the girl’s life?

**PLEASE NOTE** ‘Terminating Here’ contains some darker themes which means it may not be suitable for children under the age of 13 – if you want more information and guidance please get in touch and we will happily discuss its suitability with you.

“The Million Pound Heist” – EXCITING NEW GAME

Notorious gangster Freddie McGregor has – after thirty years of ruling London with an iron fist – finally been arrested by the police. He is currently being questioned at a local police station, but they will need to release him soon. When this happens Freddie has plans to flee the country – but he needs your help! You need to break into his secret vault and recover at ONE MILLION POUNDS of his ill-gotten gains to help him get to Brazil…but you have just 60 minutes before the police raid the joint. You have no choice – help Freddie or say goodbye to your kneecaps!

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We are absolutely delighted to have been voted #1 for Fun and Games in Scarborough on Trip Advisor and to receive this year’s Certificate of Excellence 2019!
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What is Escape Room Scarborough?

Escape Room Scarborough is a live escape-room experience. Participants are “locked” in a room, and have only sixty minutes to solve a series of clues, puzzles and riddles to enable them to successfully complete their mission and ‘escape’ the room – and so win the game.

What makes Escape Room Scarborough so special?

We are the only escape room experience on this part of the beautiful North Yorkshire Coast – Scarborough is one of the most visited locations in the whole of the UK. We have invested a huge amount of time and energy to make sure that the rooms provide a stunning and unforgettable hour in your life – so that (succeed or not) you will have a simply brilliant time.

We are located in a beautiful listed building in the very heart of the town, within easy walking distance of restaurants, bars and other amenities. In fact we are next door to the Courtyard, a lovely bar, and two doors away from a Brewers’ Fayre restaurant and pub.

We have sought authentic props and furniture to make your experience memorable – we like to think of ourselves as the ‘world’s smallest theme park’! Every experience is accompanied by themed music specially composed for us by an award-winning composer who has worked in theatre and film for over thirty years.

When you first enter our building you will be invited to take a seat in Mr E Rooms’ drawing room, which will instantly evoke memories of times gone by. And then, when the time comes, you will be escorted to begin your mission…

Where Can We Park?

There are a number of multi-story car parks within easy walking distance. The NCP multi-story car park on North Street, the Brunswick Centre car park on York Place and the Palm Court car park on Falconer’s Road are all less than 10 minutes away. There is also some (limited) on-street car parking nearby.

What are the prices?

Prices are based on an initial room hire of £50, which enables two people to take part. Each additional person is then charged at just £10 per person. This means that the more people there are in your group, the cheaper per person it is! For a team of six people it is just £15 a head.

How ‘Scary’ are the rooms?

We do not consider the games to be scary. However, younger children or people of a sensitive disposition may find some of the games to be outside their comfort zone – this is particularly the case with Terminating Here. If you have any doubts or concerns please contact us before booking.

Do I need to be ‘clever’?

The puzzles and riddles in the rooms are designed to be challenging and thought-provoking. However, you do not need any specific skills or knowledge to be successful – communication, team working and creative thinking are more important than being ‘clever’. And if you get stuck, your gamesmaster will be able to provide a clue to get you back on track.

Can people with disabilities play?

We will do everything we can to accommodate people with disabilities. Please contact us in advance to discuss any individual needs you or your team members may have. However, please note that we are in a listed building (built in the 1700s) and therefore there is very limited wheelchair accessibility. Access to all games involves climbing at least one set of stairs, which unfortunately may limit their availability to some people with mobility-restricting disabilities.

Are we really locked in?

No – you are never physically locked in a room. You may leave at any time (eg for a comfort break) but the game clock will continue during your absence.

How many can play?

All rooms are suitable for a maximum of 10 players

Are there any Age Restrictions?

We recommend that groups of under 16s should have at least one adult in their team. This is to ensure that there is someone there to help with certain puzzles and to prevent them from getting stuck too often. However, we are constantly amazed at how it is often the youngest member of the team who will suddenly find the all-important clue. Again, if you need any guidance on age-suitability, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When are you open?

We are open Monday to Friday from 11am to 7pm and slightly later on weekends.

Whichever experience you choose, you and your friends will have a maximum of sixty minutes to complete your task.

      We went here with 4 adults, when we first arrived the host explained what would happen and what to do, he was very friendly and made us feel very welcome... read more

    Tom F

      Fab visit with friends,didn't manage to escape but will definitely go again.Can highly recommend. Can't wait for the next visit.

    Karen S

      My friends and I come to Scarborough every year and this year it was lovely to do something different. Some took the option to become wizards, others chose to... read more

    thumb Jeni W

      Loved the Escape Room - a great family experience. We had to work together to solve the clues whilst all the while the clock was ticking! They very kindly... read more

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    thumb Klauster

      We booked the Secret Agent room last minute as something to do on our holiday and it was brilliant! Right from the beginning it felt very personal and welcoming -... read more

    Bradd F

      Did the wizard challenge with my family. Great fun for all ages. Lots to do so no one gets bored and challenges appropriate for all ages.

    thumb ChrisL3583

      We thoroughly enjoyed our top secret mission! We were a party of 5: two ten year olds; two Mums, and; one Grandmother. It was extremely tense and challenging, with great... read more

    thumb Jenni B

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